We are your guides on this amazing photo adventure, and we are so stoked for you!

So first things first. Like most photo teams, we are not married, infact we don’t even live in the same country. Just like you, we like to do things a little differently than everyone else, and that’s why we’re going to make magic together.

The Story of Dave Moss

Hi I’m Dave and this is my wife Abby. We live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. We feel like we need to put all three things in there, because most folks outside of Canada don’t know where Calgary, or Alberta are =D But, we are an hour away from Banff, which most people have heard of because it’s absolutely stunning!

Bowen and Juniper are Dave and Abby’s dogs. They are both rescues, Bowen (now 10) was rescued from a small town called Hundred Mile House in Canada, and Juniper came from the mean streets of Arizona. They are the spoiled kids in the Moss house, and while very well trained, also get whatever they want. Bowen wants to play and eat all the time, and Juniper is a born runner and has got Dave to strap on running shoes for the first time in his life.

We like mountain tops and sillhouette photos.

Dave will do anything to get the shot, get in a lake, get on the floor, get in a tree. If he isn’t dirty, wet, and or completely exhausted by the end of the shoot, he doesn’t feel like he did his job right.

The Story of Angie Nelson

Hey, I’m Angie, with my husband Anthony, and our daughters Eddy (on the shoulders) and Claire (in the arms). We live in Makawao, Maui, Hawaii. We probably didn’t need to put all three on there, because we’ve never met a person who doesn’t know where Maui or Hawaii are!

Meet Lilo, the queen of the Nelson household. She loves the beach, has nuclear farts, and will always be found where the food is. She is the adventure buddy of the entire family, and wins over the hearts of any and all visitors who make their way to the Nelson house, which are many, because Hawaii. Lilo has quite the interesting story behind her, which you can hear about  on the Eva Effect Podcast.

We like beaches and sillhouette photos.

Angie will do anything for the shot, get wet, get sandy, get dirty. She’s also not afraid to push the boundaries and the timelines to get her couples that perfect Maui sunset. You don’t go all the way into the middle of the Pacific NOT to get a sunset photo right?

And together, they formed B3A Photo!

  • 2009

    Dave’s First Wedding

  • 2010

    Angie’s First Wedding


  • 2018

    Dave and Angie Meet Online

  • 2019

    They Meet for the First Time in Bali!


  • 2020

    Business as an Adventure (B3A) is born

  • 2021

    Our biggest year ever, because we did so many things!


But that’s enough about us, we want to hear from and about you!

We cannot wait to party with you!